About Admin

I am Arjun Acchu, currently serving in the Devsai Science College Calcutta as a lecturer of Indian Studies and History since 2015. According to me, I am:

  • Keen observer of international market, economic relations and international socio-political developments including demographic issues in Eurasian, Central Asian, South Asian, Eastern European and Southeast Asian Countries.
  • Strong believer on primary research, personally visited U.A.E, Qatar, Oman, Bangladesh, Nepal, Turkey, Indonesia and Borders areas of China (Tibet), Pakistan (Punjab and Kashmir) and Bhutan.
  • Interested in Public Administration and Public Policy with comprehensive knowledge of Risk Management, Research Methodology, Fiscal Year Planning, Political Economy, Statistical Measurements in Social Sciences, and, International Marketing.
  • Ability to manage within international cultures utilizing talent to deal with social barriers while meeting specific research requirements in an effort to achieve specific dissertation-based objectives.
  • Willing to travel or relocate nationally or internationally.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office and Internet Surfing.51b