What We Are


Detail about the contributors, compilers or associates is as follows with their social media addresses:

Akram Ali

Designation: Student of Economics and Political Economy

Fields of Interest: Marxism

Nouroz Khan

Designation: PhD Candidate in History

Fields of Interest: Russian Studies, Central Asian Studies, South Asian Studies

Nawaz Khan

Designation: PhD Candidate in Central Asian Studies

Fields of Interest: Central Asian Studies, Russian Studies, Tajik Studies, Uzbek Studies and Post-Colonial Studies.

Vishwas Vishu

Designation: PhD Candidate in Marxism

Fields of Interest: Foreign Policy, Marxism, Chinese Politics, Chinese Socialism, Bolshevism, Maoism, Hu Chi Minh Thoughts, Vietnamese Politics and North Korean Politics.

Arjun Acchu

Designation: PhD Candidate in South and Southeast Asian Studies

Fields of Interest: Foreign Policy, Marxism and Socialism, Political Economy, India-Pakistan Relations, Middle Eastern Studies, Gulf Region, Public Policy, Ethnography, Demographic Studies, Russian Studies, Bangladeshi Politics, Bengali Ethnic Nationalism in West Bengal,  Eurasian Politics, South Caucasus, Balochistan and Baloch Ethnic Nationalism, Maoism in India, Indonesian Politics and Malaysian Politics.