Primary Sources

Besides sharing viewpoints, essays and research articles of other people, blog members (as the primary resource) are ready to debate or discuss over the issues related to the areas describing below:

  • Iranian Studies
  • Ethnic Issues in Iran, Iraq (Iraqi Kurdistan), Pakistan (Balochistan and Gilgit-Baltistan), Azerbaijan (Ngorno-Karababkh) and Tajikistan (Gorno-Badakhshan)
  • Central Asian Studies
  • Socio-Cultural Studies
  • Eurasian Studies
  • Russian Studies
  • South Caucasus
  • Georgian Studies (South Ossetia and Abkhazia)
  • Role of Russia in the Middle East (Syrian Civil War Scenario)
  • Economic Growth and Socio-Political Developments in Balochistan
  • Pakistan under CPEC Scenario
  • China-Pakistan Economic Corridor
  • Ismaili-Shia School of Islam
  • Badakhshan Region (Pamir Mountain Range)
  • India-Afghanistan Nexus against Pakistan
  • Political Economy of Ethnicity in Post-Soviet Eurasia
  • Political Economy of Human Resource Management in Pakistan (Balochistan)
  • Ethnic Peace in Iran

Because of personal observations, visits and analysis, blog members have potential to exchange their views with honorable visitors, scholars or students. For this purpose, Facebook addresses are given in the menu “What We Are”.